6 years ago, our family started "Tasty Donuts" here in Canton, GA. Over that time, we’ve learned so much, like how donuts are so much better when made fresh from scratch… but more importantly we’ve learned about this wonderful community here in Cherokee County.

As we’ve grown, we felt our name just wasn’t enough to communicate that our one-of-a-kind donuts are not only better tasting, but also deliver a bigger, special-moment experience for all involved. We’ve seen the joy, laughter and family stories growing with every bite.

We are passionate about donuts and how they make our customers feel! Our core purpose is to create new and lasting joyful memories with hand crafted custom donuts.

As of September 2021, Tasty Donuts of Canton is now Giggle Monsters Craft Donuts!

So if anyone ask, tell’m Giggle Monsters is the only local donut brand daily creating from scratch, hand-crafted yummy donuts with monster-size memory making experiences for little kids, big kids and our whole wonderful community. Nothing but the name has changed...we are still crafting tasty moments and still loving the giggles that follow.